Living in the information age is extraordinary! Weʼre so lucky to get new toys and new capabilities at a frequency never before seen. Whether it be a ride sharing service or a email-killing app streamlining our communication with co-workers and friends.

At ELLO we owe our existence to several trends which are increasing the efficiency in cross-country communications. Where startups used to be confined to their city, we can now meet new people, work, and employ others from across the globe. Communication tools and technologies and a changing work culture enable us to remain effective and focused on our goals. Specifically improving the safety and efficiency of delivery of the last 100 meters.


The gig-economy is the enabler for our success and our unique model. As a relatively new term, the Gig-Economy can be summed up with “temporary work.” Itʼs the idea of hiring individuals on short-term contracts for niche jobs requiring diverse and unique set of skills. Who benefits from the Gig- Economy? All of us! If youʼre an Uber/Lyft driver, youʼre playing a role in the Gig-Economy. If you do some freelance work for a company, you too are playing a large role. If you consult part time, youʼre a key player. And the outcomes of those temporary services can go miles for everyday consumers. Most of this came with the evolution of the internet. We see more and more people taking advantage this new global trend enabling them to be employed part-time, from around the world, from home, or for various niche skill sets a person may possess. We have seen all of these at ELLO. Our small start-up grew from a group with select talents. Weʼre all engineers.

As we began expanding on what would become GLYDETM, we reflected on how our skill sets applied to the problem-solving process. What should we do for marketing? Who could specialize in CAD, in circuit design, in website design? How can we develop manufacturing capability? What are quality control standards? How does one drop ship? How can one license with the European Union.

This natural process of growth exposed gaps in each of our skill sets. In response to this we considered the tradeoff between keeping our company nimble or bringing on permanent talent and developing more core competencies. As a small business, adding headcount for one core competency wasnʼt the most optimal when we needed 10s of core competencies to tackle the problems we set for ourselves.


We decided to tap into the Gig-Economy. We turned to our talented friends and co-workers weʼve had the pleasure of getting to know in Boston, in Utah, in Silicon valley and employed them for their talents on micro-projects which rounded out our need for specialized talent and enabled them to own and solve real problems

within their area of expertise. We recognized there is a vast pool of untapped talent capable and willing to take a “gig.” They jumped at the opportunity to work with us for a set period of time (we call it a sprint) with clear deliverables, goals, and rewards.

At ELLO, weʼve been helped by the the military officer transitioning to civilian life when they want to try something different, the stay at home parent who moved away from their career to support a spouse and is now ready to ease back into the work force, the school teacher that wants to spend a month doing something totally different, the forever traveler that needs to take a knee from travel to fund their next adventure, or the ambitious engineer looking to develop a new skill set and broaden their influence. Each individual serves as a unique talent that stands to round out our team while offering the individual a chance to put their skill to use and broaden their horizons. Those performing and those receiving the service embrace and benefit from the High-End Gig-Economy.

It has enabled our small company to remain nimble while taking on real problems. Even more importantly we get to meet and share the experience of whatʼs itʼs like to have a manufacturing startup in this day age with as much as people as possible.
It takes a different management structure and the ability to break up larger projects into smaller chunks (we call them sprints) with clear ownership and start and end deliverables. It is incredible to see the momentum. The High-End Gig- Economy is the spark that will help the next big startup set off and achieve its goal, and weʼre so glad to be a part of it!